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Colombia and Coffee works with a coffee that is cultivated in a responsible manner for the care and conservation of the environment, it is grown in tropical regions with an abundance of trees and plants that contribute to the environment; taking advantage of the residues of each crop and process that coffee leaves behind, transforming it into organic waste that contributes to the care and maintenance of each lot. Nature and the communities are evidenced developing at the same time with the same bean.

Likewise, we work hand in hand with our farmers that day by day carry out with their hands the labor of planting, cultivating, harvesting, and selecting the most perfect bean to provide us with the best coffee in Colombia, such as Don Francisco who has been a coffee grower for more than 35 years and who with love and passion carries out each process; along this path we have understood that to obtain the best quality in our coffee means working directly with our farmers.

As a company, we are proud of the work that we carry out with each one of the people that work with us, we not only contribute quality, flavor and originality to the consumer, but also to the sustainability, personal, economic and social growth of each one of them that have decided to undertake this path with us, people that from the beginning have believed in coffee and in the product that Colombia & Coffee offers.

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